Travel grants to international conferences

Procedure for travel grants

Applicants are preparing a Ph.D. or are postdocs in their first 3 years after their PH.D. in a laboratory of chemistry, biochemistry or chemical engineering of a Belgian university.

The candidates must have at least one publication in one of the Chemistry Europe journals and must deliver proof of membership of KVCV or SRC.

1°) Submission of the application for a travel grant
Send in one PDF file the following material:

  • a curriculum vitae (max. 1 page),
  • the submitted abstract and the abstract acceptance letter,
  • a brief description of the conference,
  • the budget and the requested contribution,
  • your publication(s) in the Chemistry Europe Journals
  • proof of membership of KVCV or SRC.

2°) Evaluation of the application and notification by the Secretary

3°) Providing a report after the conference
Send in one PDF file the following material:

  • a proof of your participation and of your presentation,
  • a summary of the costs indicating which part is covered by the travel grant of the Bulletin (accompanied by a copy of the invoices and the originals of the tickets for the reimbursed amount) signed by your promotor,
  • your bank account details.

4°) Reimbursement by the treasurer.

All documents and all questions are to be addressed to

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