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C.G.B. (Comité de Gestion du Bulletin) - C.B.B. ( Comité van Beheer van het Bulletin) is an intermediate between the two Belgian chemical societies (Koninklijke Vlaamse Chemische Vereniging and Société Royale de Chimie) and Chemistry Europe.
The management committee consists of representatives of the two chemical societes and the departments of chemistry of the Belgian universities. Its tasks are:

  • to manage the money generated by the Chemistry Europe journals,
  • to promote the European journals of Chemistry Europe,
  • to support young Belgian chemists.

In addition C.G.B-C.B.B. stimulates all initiatives that support
(1) young researchers in chemistry at Belgian research laboratories and
(2) research laboratories in chemistry at Belgian universities and associations of higher education.

C.G.B.-C.B.B. promotes the European journals of Chemistry Europe, contributes to the establishment of new European research journals and motivates Belgian scientists to publish their research in these European journals and to participate in the activities of C.G.B.-C.B.B.

Honorary members

B. Delmon, M. Gielen, H. Thun, N. Schamp

Council of C.G.B.-C.B.B.

President: prof. em. Robert Schoonheydt
Secretary: prof. Benoit Champagne
Treasurer: prof. Katrien Strubbe
Representative of SRC: prof. em. Claudine Buess-Herman
Representative of KVCV: prof. Iris Cornet

General assembly of C.G.B.-C.B.B.

Council + representatives of the universities:





Tatiana Vogt-Parac

Marc Van Der Auweraer


Klaartje Debuysser

Frederic Lynen


Frank De Proft

Steven Ballet


Roger Dommisse

Pegie Cool


Dirk Vanderzande

Wouter Maes


Pascal Gerbaux

Olivier Coulembier


Johan Wouters

Vincent Liégois


Gwilherm Evano

Kristin Bartik


Charles-André Fustin

Daniel Peeters


Lionel Delaude

Françoise Remacle


Winners of the 2019 incentive awards are:

  • Julien De Winter, UMons
  • Ludovic Troian-Gautier, ULB

The award ceremony was held at the Annual Meeting of the Société Royale de Chimie at UNamur on October 10, 2019.

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